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Cilantro Lime Shrimp and New York Strips

Ran up to the new HEB, they built us a nice plus store here a couple of months ago. They have a nice sea food section. I grabbed a couple of pounds of 10/15s and some new york strips.While there I grabbed a new beer to try with our surf and turf dinner. While at HEB I ran into a life long friend and her mom. So she grabbed a couple of bottles of wine and a cheese cake and headed to the house to join us. I went back o the adult beverage section and grabbed some Leinenkugel’s to try then stopped at the produce section for some red potatoes and zucchini squash.

When I got to the house I started a fire with my Chimney and a lump charcoal.

The outdoor kitchen has a steak grill that will raise and lower.

While the fire was starting up I rubbed the steaks down with a Spicy Chipotle rub I picked up at Williams-Somoma. After rubbing the steaks I peeled and deveined the shrimp, using a deveiner.

Steaks are on the grill. while they are grilling to a medium, and one medium rare for me. The steaks are cooked on a hot grill for about 5 minutes per side

While the steaks were grilling I started the shrimp. They don’t take long to cook and I wanted them the done the same time as the steaks. The shrimp are cooked in a hot cast iron skillet, with a little olive oil. The shrimp is seasoned with 4 cloves of garlic. some kosher salt and the juice of 4 limes. just before it’s through I toss in some  chopped cilantro. Now remember shrimp is cooked when it looks like a C and is overcooked when it looks like an O. There is a key to chopping cilantro. Cut off the stems, roll it up into a tight ball and cut it into a chiffinade. Turn it 90 degrees and chop again. this gives you a nice small cut.


Steaks off the grill.

Picking he right beverage for the meal.

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Big Fund Raiser

Just got off the phone with a friend talking about the Little League Chicken plate sale. I was not sure if I would do it again this year, because there are new officers in charge. The ladies did not know who had run it, in the past they just thought it was the old President. So they called a local caterer and was working with him for $5 a plate then they were going to have to sell them for $10 to make the profit they needed. Fortunately one of the men at the meeting knew that I had been running the meal the last few years. They would only have to purchase the supplies for us. Myself and other volunteers have been cooking for 1200 people. I have cooked the potato salad and beans for years and I have cooked the meat for the last three. The last two years I was in charge of the pits and making sure meat was ready in time and that it was properly cooked. We usually have my pit, which will cook 240 quarters at a time and about 6 others. After hearing that we cook it for free the officers decided not to pursue the caterer and let us do it again. Now they will charge $7 a plate and put more money away for the kids. Now I am not knocking the caterer that is what he does for a living. But free is hard to beat. So April 7th we will cook 1200 leg quarters, 1200 sausage links, 150 pounds of beans and 400 pounds of potato salad. If you’re in the neighborhood of John Lott Park in Lytle April 7th drop by and get a plate. If you have nothing to do with your pit come over and help us cook for a great cause.

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Thanks for dropping in.  I love cooking and love sharing with friends. Not only the food but also the adventure of preparing and serving it. My favorite style of cooking is what I call Texican. It is a combination of cooking styles found in and around south Texas. It’s not really Mexican and not really South Western it is the cuisine of Texas, so I call it Texican. I may cook it in the kitchen, over an open fire, in the BBQ pit or in a dutch oven. I hope you enjoy following me on my trip around the foods of our great state. Texican is my favorite style to cook, but my favorite dish is spaghetti, my favorite food group is seafood and I never pass up a nice pot of chicken and dumplings, rolled out not dropped dumplings. So as you can see this adventure will be as diverse as the great state I have the privilege of living in.

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