Thanks for dropping in.  I love cooking and love sharing with friends. Not only the food but also the adventure of preparing and serving it. My favorite style of cooking is what I call Texican. It is a combination of cooking styles found in and around south Texas. It’s not really Mexican and not really South Western it is the cuisine of Texas, so I call it Texican. I may cook it in the kitchen, over an open fire, in the BBQ pit or in a dutch oven. I hope you enjoy following me on my trip around the foods of our great state. Texican is my favorite style to cook, but my favorite dish is spaghetti, my favorite food group is seafood and I never pass up a nice pot of chicken and dumplings, rolled out not dropped dumplings. So as you can see this adventure will be as diverse as the great state I have the privilege of living in.

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5 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Fernando Felan

    Looking forward to see what you do this year with so many upcoming BBQ events. Keep the grill-a-grilling and the tastes buds a-watering!

  2. Jolinda

    Thanks for the recipes Johnny. I’ll keep checking back here for more of your awesome recipes. You are the BEST!!!!! Just remember me (your favorite “taste tester”) when you have your next cookout. Love, love, love you, Libby, and your kids.

    Have fun with your blog.


  3. Nice. I like the background you chose. I’ll add you to my link of blogggers. Can’t wait to see more.

  4. angela garza

    heey chef ur the best chef at mc collum high school good luck with the next fundrasier

    stay cool out man hahaha lol 🙂

  5. Johnny did a couples bridal shower for us a few months ago with around 80 people. He served pork tenderloin, cowboy potatoes, grilled asparagus, glazed baby carrots and a ceasar salad. The food was amazing with a beautiful presentation! I still have people raving about it!

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