Blue Corn Chips, Kiolbasa and a Yeti

A qucik week night meal.

We were looking for something quick but hearty. I grabbed four hotdog buns, four sausages and put on some baked beans. I did not want a plain hotdog, so I stepped it up with a polish style Kiolbasa. After getting the beans on to cook I headed to the outdoor kitchen.

After turning on the gas stove, I walked over to the yeti which I had used Saturday. Bingo, there were a few still on ice. I am not sure if the yeti is worth what it cost, but it was great having something cold to drink that was unexpected.

Saturday, 20 lbs of ice a 12 pack of Leinekugel’s a six pack of wine cooler. Wednesday we still have ice and cold beverages.

I grabbed a Leinenkugel Classic Amber and got to grilling. I got back into the house and my wife had the fixings ready. blue corn chips, cream cheese covered with hot sauce, sweet relish, onions, and sharp chedder cheese. This was a quick meal that hit the spot and it did not take long to fix or eat.

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One thought on “Blue Corn Chips, Kiolbasa and a Yeti

  1. Fernando Felan

    The YETI cargo was my favorite part of the story. Keep a-cooking and a-chilling! HmmmmmmmmGoooooood!

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