Great Nachos and Excellent Music

I headed out to Cora’s Grill with the wife, daughter and a few of her friends Saturday night. We were anticipating good food and some great music. Waco Richards, a talented young man I have know all his life,  his wife Julie and his cousin Jeremy teamed up to entertain friends and family. Upon arrive we ordered two trays of bean and cheese nachos and something to drink. Now two trays may not seem like much for a party of six, but at Cora’s their large order of nachos come on a cafateria tray. The music was great all the kids, I say kids heck they are all closer to 30 then 20, did a wonderful job. They sang classice rock, honky tonk classics, some modernday hits for the younger part of the crowd and Waco and Julie sang a new song that Waco had written. If your out in West Texas stop by and hear them or catch on of Jeremy’s shows in the San Antonio area. If your up for some excellent nachos take a short drive out of San Antonio and visit Cora’s 471 Grill.

Starting on tray #1

The ending of tray #2

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3 thoughts on “Great Nachos and Excellent Music

  1. Fernando Felan

    Nachos, Honky Tonk music, dancing, Laughter,greasy fingers, Eating Hot Stuff, Spirits, what a night of memories! I’m at the GRILL Hee-Haw pilgrim

  2. Jolinda

    So glad y’all made it out to the show Johnny, Libby, Hailey and friends. I know Waco, Julie, and Jeremy are happy y’all were there too. They put. on an awesome show…of course, I’m a little biased since I’m Waco’s mom:) Love, love, love those nachos too:)


  3. Annie

    Cora’s nachos, cold beer and live music is the trinity of Texas! I have not had Cora’s nachos in a while, will have to make a trip soon.

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