Spaghetti, Spaghetti and more Spaghetti

I think 500 plates of spaghetti would qualify for allot. I finished the week up prepping 140 lbs of spaghetti and 30 gallons of sauce. In preparation for a fund-raiser for the band. We par cooked the pasta for 10 minutes and then dropped it into a pot of ice water to stop the cooking. The meat was browned, sautéed the onions, bell pepper and mushrooms. Everything was cooled off and put in the cooler. Saturday morning started early, with pots of water started to boil and the sauce began heating up. Around 9:00 help arrived, we got the steam table going, to go plates ready, garlic bread heating up and the salad washed and ready to go. Just before 11:00 people started showing up and we had plates ready to go. It does not take long to cook the pasta so things can move real fast. The par cooked pasta is dropped in boiling water it only has to stay for about 3:00 minutes and it is done. After straining it went straight to the steam table to be plated. We had plenty of help and everything went real smooth. The band boosters were happy and so were th customers. The students in my class learned allot and the band boosters made some money for their kids. All in all an excellent day.

Pots of boiling water waiting on the pasta

Plating up

Adding the salad

A happy customer

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