A sweet little Fattie

Now I am sure that many of you wondering what in the heck is a Fattie. Basically it is a meatloaf stuffed with your favorite fillings wrapped in bacon and then smoked. I made two of them, one was an Italian, stuffed with red and green bell peppers sweet onions, mushrooms, ricotta and mozzarella. The other was stuffed with fettucine alfredo, mushrooms and jumbo shrimp. They were excellent. The way I make them is I place my meatloaf in a ziplock bag. Then I make a woven matt of bacon. The stuffing is placed inside of the meatloaf and rolled up, using the bag. I slice the sides with a sharp knife so it can be opened up. The meat roll is then place on the bacon matt and rolled up. Roll the fattie in plastic to firm it up, then put it on the smoker for about 2 hours at 225.

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2 thoughts on “A sweet little Fattie

  1. Nicely done. Can’t go wrong with a fattie!

  2. Fernando Felan

    What a bunch of Fatties! Gotta Luv-Em! Gotta try on the Pit! Let’s be CREATUVE Ya’ll1 MMMMMMMGood

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