Red Fish on the Half Shell



I love grilled fish, especially when its fresh. Now this can’t get much fresher. I caught it about 1:00, ate it about 4:00. That s pretty fresh. Now a fish cooked on the half shell is simply a fillet that has cut off the bone and the skin and scales left on. Now you want to use a fish with a tougher skin, like reds, snapper, black drum or something like that. If you look at the plate you will see a small piece of fish to its left. the is the throat of the red. This is located behind the gills and below the pectoral fins. Many times when someone fillets a fish this portion of the red is thrown away. It’s not a real large area but it is tasty. I have a grill set up outside the trailer and it really comes in handy. I like cooking outside but it also takes some heat out of the trailer and Texas produces enough heat without the help of the stove.

Now to get started. I have taken he fillets and seasoned them with some Tony Chachere’s and then drizzled a little Italian dressing on it with a squeeze of lemon. I have also cooked the bones on the fish, this red was big enough that I saved the bones to cook also

The red seasoned up

I have the grill heated up and head straight to it with he fillets. Now you lay the fish straight on the grill on a medium high heat. My grill does not have a lid so I use some aluminium foil to make a tent over the fish to help hold in heat. Before I had the fish on I fixed some red potatoes. I got the small ones and sliced them in half, seasoned them with salt, pepper, cumin and some fresh garlic. I also sliced up about half an onion. wrapped this inside of some aluminum foil, with a stick of butter. This package was placed on the grill before the fish.

The bones are ready

Just about ready

Supper is ready

Grilling in the shade outside of the 5th wheel

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One thought on “Red Fish on the Half Shell

  1. Nicely done. Where did you go fishing?

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