Why Clarify Butter

A little different kind of post, but one thing that can make a huge difference in your cooking. Everyone loves the taste of butter but butter burns rather easily. In fact about 250º, which is not hot enough to saute’. By clarifying your butter you raise the the smoking point to about 350º. Now you can cook without the fear of burning  butter. The reason for the high temperature before burning is that you have taken out the ingredients that will burn and left the oil. What burns is the sugar, milk solids and water. Once removing these items you are cooking with oil. You can save the part you remove and use it for seasoning on items such as popcorn. So here is the process.

  1. Heat sticks of butter, I usually clarify at least one pound at a time.
  2. Remove items that are floating on the top and pour off the middle, which you will keep.
  3. The oil can now be stored at room temp with out the worry of the butter turning rancid.

Melting the butter



Pouring melted butter into a clear pitcher.


The butter starting to separate and layer up.


After removing the top pour off the oil being careful not to get the bottom portion.


Just the oil left


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