Tony Luke’s Make Things Right

Now when I was leaving their original store the other evening about 8:03 I was not thinking so. I was in Philly for one day and wanted a famed Tony Luke’s Philly Cheese Steak. I let the time get away from me and i got there just before closing. Not realizing the time was so close to 8:00 I stood and looked at the menu carefully decided what I would have for my first time to try this classic sandwich.  I moved toward the counter and a man hurried past me and stepped to the window to order. A young man  pulls open the window and with an accent that I would expect from a guy from South Philly estates we are closed. My heart sunk I looked at the man then my watch it was 8:02. Now the other patron did not take we are close to well. He told the guy at the window that it was not yet 8:00. Once again in his gangsterish voice he states, “by our clock it’s 8:02 so we are closed. With my head hung low I slowly walk to the car to let the family know after all the hunting to find the original and dragging them to a place they had never heard of there would be no sandwiches for our supper.  Now my wife being protective of me like she is and knowing how I was looking forward to this sandwich h was ready to go fight.  Everyone in the car apologized for dragging their feet and is not getting there in time. I pulled the car back onto the road and headed back to Lancaster county for the last few days of our trip.  Shortly after getting on the interstate my wife announces she is on their website and what do I want to say.  Now she knows me and she is usually not fond of me letting people know if I do not have a gold experience at their establishment, but this time she is like a mother lion protecting her family.  So I dictate a letter and before we are out of the. city and email is on its way to management. Early the next morning we are in the card for another day of touring, destination of the day Intercourse. For you unknowing people, that is a small town in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, right in the middle of the Amish country.  Early in the morning I receive and email for a nice young lady named Cindy, from Tony Luke’s, she is very apologetic and ask for some details of my ordeal at Tony Luke’s and gets my contact information. In no time at all I get a phone call, it is Tony Luke Sr. I cod not believe that he had personally called me. He is apologizing for the service and wanting to know if I am still in the city so he can make things right. I was sorry to  that I had left the city and was not returning at least not this trip. Tony was a pleasure to visit with, his accent was fantastic. He truly felt bad and was ready to make things right. He let me know that he was shipping me the fixings for some cheese steaks along with instructions on how to prep rare them so I could have the Tony Luke’s experience when I got back home to South Texas. Now that folks is taking care of the customer. Shortly after hanging up with Tony Sr my cell rings again and it’s Tony Jr. He is just as nice as the dad although he sounds a little more shall we say pissed off. He also apologizes and lets me know that in no way is this the way Tony Luke’s operates.  Tony Jr understands the service industry just like his dad and wants people to be happy when they leave one of their restaurants. He also lets me know that he is personally headed to the original  location to have a talk with the young man who was not portraying customer service that they expect. I don’t think I would want to be in that young mans shoes right now. Before hanging up Tony Jr invites me to have lunch with him if I am ever back in Philly and I extend the offer to him if he ever ventures to San Antonio.  Now I can’t wait to get home and cook up some cheese steaks, now I know they won’t match up to the ones made in-house at Tony Luke’s, but I know I will taste the love in them.  If anyone is in Philly make sure you stop into one of the Tony Luke’s  for your Philly Steak Sandwich.  Missing out on a steak sandwich may have been worth getting to visit with the men that created a Philadelphia icon. I hope I can get back up here to meet them in person some day. They both seem like class acts.

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