Bar Cross BBQ Team

Back Camera

It was a clean sweep at Fieast. We placed 1st and 3rd in Pork Ribs, 1st in Beef Ribs and we received the student choice award for Best Rib

1st Place Ribs Rossville

Frenchie Burke Cook Off 2nd Place Chicken, 3rd Place Beans, 7th Place Chef’s Choice, 8th Place Dessert.

Bar Cross BBQ is our Cook Off Team and our BBQ catering. We have truly been blessed at our cook offs. Seems we always have been able to place or win. We have won in brisket, ribs and desserts. We have placed in chicken, beans, Chile and chefs choice. Our catered events have included birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, family reunions, wedding events and all type of special occasions. The team members are great guys. My cousin Fernando Felan is a great BBQ cook, Chef Gary Brown, owner of Pappy G’s Country Kitchen, brings a diverse background with him and a tremendous amount of cooking knowledge. Big Show brings along a big smile, great attitude and willingness to work. He admits being no cook but he works hard and keeps us all laughing. The newest member of the team is E, he is a supper nice guy with a great cooking background, his jerk chicken recipe is to die for. He adds a nice twist to the team with his Jamaican influences. We have other friends and family join in now and then, my son John is off playing football in college so he helps when he can, my brother-in-law Leonard has maned the pit, along with my nephew, Steven Cain. Bart Stevens brings his cook off knowledge to help also. Of course our wives join in when they can.

We had an excellent year in competition BBQ this year. we had many 1st place finishes a Reserve Grand Champion and a Grand Championship. At the Fiesta events we cleaned house with our ribs. We entered two teams so we could try some new recipes. We won 1st and 3rd in pork ribs, 1st beef ribs and the student choice award for the best ribs. We also wound up on TV, SA Living had us on their show during CultureFest showing off our ribs. It was a blessed 2012, for our competitions, catered events and friendships.

We cater events in conjunction with Pappy G’s and Pappy helps as our team sponsor.


2 thoughts on “Bar Cross BBQ Team

  1. John

    Texaloy foundry is in Floresville. Call and ask for Jack Rice, the owner, to see if he still has access to any Dutch ovens

  2. John thanks for the comment. I actually sent an email on their general cantact us page and never received a response so I sent on to Mr Rice and he never resonded either. I wish they did because I would have loved to have a couple of their ovens.

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