Cooking for the Sul Ross Football Team in Alpine Texas


Hello, glad to have you checking into Texas Style Cuisine. I am a life long resident and a natural-born Texican. I can remember cooking alongside my mother and grandmothers as a young boy in their kitchens.  Then I would follow the men outside for BBQs and fish fries. Of course you have not lived if you have not helped hand crank a tub of home-made ice cream. I can remember back to before I was big enough to turn the crank, Uncle Bill would set an old rug on top of the crank and set me on  it to hold the crank down since the latch was getting worn.

The cuisine of Texas is as diverse as the land. You can have some great down home cooking, that followed settlers here from the south, foods of the homelands of our settlers, great Mexican food, wonderful steaks and tremendous seafood from our Gulf Coast.  I enjoy cooking a type of food that I call Texican, it’s a blending of Mexican with the foods brought to Texas from the settlers native lands. It is hearty and robust and full of great flavors. You will see ingredients such as beef, pork, chicken, fish, shrimp, wild game, jalapeno and Serrano peppers, dried peppers, corn and flour tortillas and assorted fruits and vegetables. I love cooking over an open fire or in the BBQ pit, as well in dutch ovens. But you will also find me along side of my wife in the kitchen. Like I said the food and the cooking methods are as diverse as the land.

Although I have cooked and entertained my entire life I only recently went to culinary school. Now my days are filled with sharing the enjoyment of cooking with kids that are considering culinary as their vocation. The days that I am not teaching you can usually find me near my pit at a BBQ Cook Off, catering and event, or volunteering to cook for a fund-raiser.

The last meal I ever cooked for my Mama, she asked for BBQ chicken
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