Real BBQ Real Good

Texas Style Sandwiches

Chopped          $6.00

Sliced/Pulled Pork   $7.00

Jumbo     $9.00

add a side for $1.00

From Our Pit

Brisket     $16.00

Pulled Pork     $13.00

Sausage Link     $3.00

Chicken, Half     $7.00

Chicken, Whole     $13.00

Ribs, Half Rack     $13.00

Ribs, Full Rack     $24.oo

BBQ Plates

1 Meat/3 sides     $8.00

2 Meats/3 sides     $11.00

3 Meats/3 sides     $14.00

St Louis Rib Plate/3 sides    $9.00

Texas Style Sides

Serving     $2.00

Pint     $4.50

Quart     $8.00


Jack Daniel’s Peach Cobbler serving     $3.00

Texas Size Brownies     $3.00


Beef    $2.50

Chicken/Pork     $2.00

Texican Style     $3.00

Prices Subject to Change Without Notice

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