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BBQ Chicken Test

Sunday I figured I would throw a couple for chickens on the UDS. I wanted to try out a couple of new rub recipes. I also wanted to try a mustard slather. I cooked each bird with the same rub but I only slathered one half. I wanted to see how it affected the flavor. The first bird was rubbed with mustard and McCormick’s Grill Mates Cowboy Rub and the other half was coated with EVOO than rubbed with the same rub. The other bird was coated the same way and I used an Ancho chili rubbed that I put together on it. Both birds were a success. After about an hour and fifteen minutes on the grill at 300 degrees they were 165, so I pulled them. The winning flavors with both birds were the one with the mustard slath. I have always been told that you can’t taste the mustard but my judges said they could taste a little mustard on each one. The appearance was good on each half, but the one with the EVOO seemed to be a little darker in color. I don’t think any of the four halves were to light, but the mustard ones were lighter.

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Spatchcock Turkey

Spatchcock is a great way to prepare poultry. I had never tried to expand it use to a turkey but it turned out fantastic. Spatchcock is a style where you cut out the backbone and the breastbone of the bird you are preparing. You then flatten it out and grill it. it is much faster then a beer can chicken and I believe much more flavorful.

My turkey was prepared by first brining it for 48 hours. I used a classic brine with salt and sugar. Seasoning added were salt, pepper, garlic, cominos, cayenne, and bay leaf. I started the fire using my chimney starter.

Going in the brine.

Starting the fire

While the fire was getting ready, I prepared the turkey. First I cut the backbone out, then the breastbone.

Cutting down the left side of the backbone.

Cutting down the rit side to remove the backbone totally

Cutting down each side of the breastbone

Bones removed

After removing the breast and backbone I seasoned the Turkey using olive oil, salt, pepper, ancho chili powder, cumin, garlic, and spanish paprika.

Oiled and seasoned up

Front side seasoned

Seasoning under the skin

I headed outside with the turkey. The UDS was up to 325, just right. I placed the spatchcocked bird on he grill bones side down.

On the UDS at 325

Closed up the pit, the temperature dropped to 300 a I kept it there for 2 hours. I was not sure about time since this was the first time.

2 hours were enough the thighs were at 174 and the breast as at 165. It looked great.

I was amazed the it was fully cooked after 2 hours

The turkey will go along with the sides. Libby cooked a squash casserole, fresh green beans with mushrooms and corn on the cob. For a warm up before the meal we put on about a dozen stuffed jalapenos. They are the classic, cream cheese stuffing and bacon wrapped.

Peppers on the grill

Off the pit and ready to eat

The meal should be great I will up date when its time to eat.

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