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Pre Thanksgiving BBQ Run

Waiting in line at  Franklin BBQ

Waiting in line at
Franklin BBQ

Wow what a day last Wednesday. My son John and I got up at 5:00AM and Headed to Austin to see what all the hoopla was about at Franklin BBQ. We arrived at Franklin’s just before 8:00AM. There was already a nice sized line forming outside the restaurant. John and I parked and found our place in line. We figured there were about 50-60 people ahead of us. We were having a good time in line visiting with the people in line around us, one young couple was in from LA and wanted to try some great Texas BBQ. Around 9:00 one of the employees came by to let us know that they were already sold out of pulled pork and ribs. Now remember they do not open until 11:00, but they were taking orders. He then returned to taking orders. Now it is about 9:30 he is nearing us for our order. We are still feeling good about getting to try some of this much talked about brisket. At 9:35 he is taking the order of the people in front of us in line. One man orders a whole brisket and the other orders 1/2 brisket, the young man looks at us and says sorry we are sold out. Yes we drove for over two hours sat in line over an hour and a half and they sold out to the people in front of us. Well our search for BBQ was not over, we had alternate plans. We are now heading a few blocks south to La Barbeque, who’s pitmaster used to work for Franklin’s. Upon approaching La Barbeque we noticed no line and no smoke coming from the pits, they had closed for the holiday and would not be open until Friday. Well now we are hung on the horns of a dilemma. John searches the net for John Mueller Meat Co. and I search for Micklethwait Craft Meats. Mueller’s is closed on Wednesdays so our choice was easy we were headed to Micklewait’s. Upon arriving we see people who were inline with us at Franklin’s, so we take our place behind them. Then more people arrive that had been at Franklin’s and we all have a great conversation about not getting in. After an hour wait the line starts moving, we are in the front so there is no danger of them selling out before we make it to the order window. We spent about $60 on brisket, pork shoulder, Shiner Bock Sausage and chicken, John also got some jalapeno cheese grits. We quickly received our tray of food and we returned to our picnic table that we were sharing with a very nice young couple, their six month old son and their parents in from Florida. In line one of the ladies had told us that she eats at Micklewait’s and Franklin’s both and that the brisket at Micklewaits is just as good as Franklin’s. Now the brisket was moist and tender, but I did not think it was overly flavorful. This could be because of the simple salt and pepper rub that most central Texas BBQ joints brag about. The sausage was very good and I loved the course ground texture that it had. Chicken was very good but again there was plenty of cracked black pepper, but I did enjoy it very much. The grits were tasty but maybe a little undercooked. The plate came with red onions bread and homemade pickles, which were outstanding. Now for the pork shoulder, it was out of this world, probably the best I have ever had. John and I both agreed it was fantastic. Not sure if I will wait in line again for Franklin’s, but I will return to Micklethwait Craft Meats.

Out plates at Micklethwait Craft Meats

Our plates at Micklethwait Craft Meats

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BBQ Trailer Up and Rolling


We are a little over two months into selling BBQ in Lytle. Sells have been good for a new business and the community is showing up to support us. You can  find us parked downtown Lytle at   15049 Main St, on Saturdays and Sundays. We try to open up at 11:00 and we stay open until we sell out. We don’t sell out every day but we selling quite a bit of BBQ. We sell brisket, spare ribs, sausage, chicken and pulled pork along with sides. Our sides include potato salad, coleslaw, beans and Mexican rice. On Sundays we are serving a Jack Daniel’s Peach Cobbler for dessert.

A big endorsement by one of Texas's best.

A big endorsement by one of Texas’s best.

My Pitmaker BBQ Vaults doing the work on my trailer's BBQ porch.

My Pitmaker BBQ Vaults doing the work on my trailer’s BBQ porch.

Our 1st cook off in the new trailer.

Our 1st cook off in the new trailer.

The official T-shirt

The official T-shirt

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Smitty’s BBQ Brownwood Texas

What a great treat to stop into Smitty’s BBQ in Brownwood Texas and find Smitty himself there still cooking the Q. While spending my college time at HPU Smitty’s was an institution for us college kids. I first met Smitty lifting weights at Young’s World a gym owned by world champion power lifter Doug Young. Smitty was always nice to us young guys and always inviting us down to his BBQ restaurant for some good eating. So for the next four years we did just that. Now fast forward 30 years and I find myself having a daughter going to HPU. Now you know I had BBQ in my mind when we hit town for parents weekend. We hit town early and took Hailey to. Doctors appointment she had then headed to Smitty’s for lunch. Let me tell you I was excited to see Smitty sitting behind the counter. His daughter was running the counter and taking orders and his son was in the back running the pit. The Q was great like it always had been, moist, tender and tasteful. As I visited with Smitty he looks at me and says “trying to figure out how old I am aren’t you” I grinned and said yes sir I am “85 he says”. Wow 85 years young still in uniform and running the business he started in 1972. To all alumni make sure you stop in while passing through town and to all the new students make sure you drop in for some of the best BBQ you will have a chance to eat. Now make sure you say hi to Smitty and his family.




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Brisket Chile

A nice bowl of red!

A nice bowl of red!

I had to throw a lunch together today for some of the staff. I decided to make ranchero beans, mexican rice, cornbread and some Chile. I had to extend the hamburger meat I had so I pulled out some chopped brisket that I had been saving. I browned the burger and sautéed the onions, while doing that I chopped up the brisket into small pieces and heated it to render some of the fat. I used 5lbs of hamburger and3 lbs of brisket. The Chile came out excellent. The smokey flavor that the brisket brought to the Chile really added to the chili.

BBQ Chili

  • 5lbs                   Ground Beef
  • 3lbs                   Chopped Brisket
  • 2                        Onions, chopped
  • 3                        28oz cans Diced Tomatoes
  • 1 cup                 Chili Powder
  • 1/4 cup             Salt
  • 1/4 cup             Pepper
  • 1 tbsp                  Cayenne Pepper
  • 1/4 cup             Garlic Powder
  • 2 tbsp                  Cumin
  • 1 cup                 Corn Meal
  1. Brown meat and saute onions
  2. Add tomatoes
  3. Add seasonings
  4. Brin to a boil
  5. Thicken with corn meal
  6. Simmer for 30 minutes


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Rattle Snake Round Up

Wild times were had in Sweetwater at the Annual Rattle Snake Round Up. Julie Richards, of Waco and Julie fame, was on the winning team. Midkiff Mafia BBQ had a great day. They place 1st in rattle snake, 2nd in brisket and 10th in chicken. That gave them just enough points for the Grand Champion call in this Lonestar Barbeque Society event. Julie was going to make a snake meatball using my Chipotle Bomber recipe as a guide, but they were thrown a curveball and had to change the recipe at the last-minute. This year the judges decided to make the teams turn in snake on the bone, so they could be sure it was indeed snake. So it’s a little tough serving meatballs with bones, so she changed at the last moment. I will try to get some pics up later of the winning team. Julie had to take off early because her and Waco were singing over in Midland. So she missed the awards. Check out the link from here to Waco and Julie’s site and go see them sometime if they are in the area. Congratulations to Bernie Phillips and the Midkiff Mafia BBQ team.

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Founders Day Success

Clear Blue Smoke

I have had quite a week. The PTA had me cater their annual fund-raiser. Last year was not exactly a success, So they gave me and my kids a chance to provide the meal. We settled on a plate of brisket, sausage. rice, beans and potato salad for 450 people. Sorry but I did not get any pictures of us in action or any of the plates, but I did get a few of the briskets. I ran to Restaurant Depot Monday morning before school and picked up 267 lbs of superior Angus choice beef. The briskets looked excellent. I also got the fixings for 80 lbs of mexican rice, 75 lbs of ranchero beans and 150 lbs of potato salad. I also got the usual fixings to go along with the plate, jalapenos, onions. pickles, bbq sauce and ice tea.

I got the briskets back to school and showed the kids how to trim them up then we seasoned them with kosher salt, ground pepper and the Big Ron’s original after I did one I let the kids take over and do the rest. We wrapped them up and put them in the cooler for cooking the next day. Tuesday morning I got the pit to school about 4:30 and started the fire. The some of the kids got there about 6:30 and helped load the pit. I ran the fire a little hotter than usual and hotter than I like. We kept the pit somewhere between 275 and 300. The briskets were big and I did not want to spend the day and night up at school. Some of the smaller briskets  were ready after about 9:00 hours, the others were ready about 2 hours later. We wrapped them up and put them in an ice bath to cool down, then into the frig. During the day when the pit was running we cooked the potatoes and diced them up. mixed them with my sauce and cooled them in ice baths and put them in the refrigerator. Wednesday we started off prepping the rice and slicing the briskets. The rice was browned and the onions and peppers were sautéed, seasonings were bagged and everything was placed in the cooler. We also prepped everything for the ranchero beans. This ended Wednesday and we were on schedule. Thursday started quickly, we got chaffing dishes ready all plates and cutlery packs, cups, sweet and unsweet tea was made. The beans went on at high noon, rice in th oven at 1:00, kiolbasa links went in the smoker at 3:oo. The briskets were wrapped in foil along with some broth and put in the oven for reheating. At 4:30 we started loading my cargo trailer and just after 5:00 we loaded the bus, headed to the Boggess Center for the Founders Day Banquette. After arriving we quickly unloaded and set up two serving lines on each side of the venue. We started serving at 6:15 and at 6:43 we had served everyone. Last year the place that catered it took over 2 hours to serve everyone, so they were extremely happy with us. Looks like we have a job for next year.

Fine looking briskets

Trimming up the first brisket

Adding the Big Ron's Original

The kids rubbing a brisket

Briskets loaded on the pit

Looking good and ready to come off

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