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Texican Paella

I spent the day teaching the kids how to make paella. Paella is a dish from Spain, it originates from the Mediterranean Coast. Many people consider it the national dish of Spain. Paella is make up of rice, vegetables, and usually sea food, although rabbit, chicken, pork and chorizo are also found in it. Today we are making a Texican style of the dish. We have included shrimp, oysters, crawfish, and muscles for our seafood. I have used these items because this is the type of seafood immigrants would have found when they came to Texas. I have also chose to use polish sausage instead of chorizo and chicken wings. I also have used some roasted poblano peppers, cilantro and seasoned with cumin to give it the Texas flair.

First we added about a cup of oil and browned the wings in the paella, the pan is called paella also. Then we added the sausage cut into rounds, about 1/4 to 3/8 inches thick. next we sautéed the vegetables. When all the vegetables were translucent we added the rice and cooked it until translucent also. Then we add the stock.

sauteing the chicken, sausage and vegetables.

Adding rice

Adding the seafood stock and seasonings. The yellow color comes from saffron.

Next bring everything to a boil. Let it boil for about 5 minutes then turn down to a simmer. After 5 minutes you can now add the seafood. I will now tent the pan and cook it for about another 10 minutes.

Bringing stock to a boil.

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Thanks for dropping in.  I love cooking and love sharing with friends. Not only the food but also the adventure of preparing and serving it. My favorite style of cooking is what I call Texican. It is a combination of cooking styles found in and around south Texas. It’s not really Mexican and not really South Western it is the cuisine of Texas, so I call it Texican. I may cook it in the kitchen, over an open fire, in the BBQ pit or in a dutch oven. I hope you enjoy following me on my trip around the foods of our great state. Texican is my favorite style to cook, but my favorite dish is spaghetti, my favorite food group is seafood and I never pass up a nice pot of chicken and dumplings, rolled out not dropped dumplings. So as you can see this adventure will be as diverse as the great state I have the privilege of living in.

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